I constantly take a break at 420

I have been working from condo for the past 2 years.

One of the reasons why I started working from condo was due to the pandemic. I couldn’t go to the office, so our boss let me work from home. I entirely care about working from condo in addition to when it was time to go back, I urged the boss to let me stay condo instead! He agreed to let me continue working from condo as long as I continue to get all of our work done on time. One thing that I care about about working from condo is the fact that I can get high anytime that I want, and when I was in the office, I had to wait until our lunch break to go out to the automobile in addition to smoke a joint… Now I can smoke a joint anytime that I want. I officially take a break every morning at 4:20 so I can smoke marijuana. One of our neighbors has been coming over the last couple of weeks in addition to we have loved smoking weed together. I usually supply the cannabis. I entirely do not mind, because I get a great deal on buds from the dispensary. My roommate works at the cannabis shop in addition to he gets me a superb deal on everything that I need. When our friend comes over for a visit, he is constantly interested in the modern items that I have gotten from the store. This week we tried a product called Blue Dream Live rosin. The live rosin was a frigid pressed product. It had a tremendously great flavor in addition to the red dream stream was seriously potent. My friend liked it so much that he wanted to buy the rest of the container from me.

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