SEO company branching out into cannabis

I write website pleased for a living.

It is a undoubtedly easy job since I don’t report to an office. I am contracted by an SEO business. I don’t technically work for them so I can take it or leave it when they send myself and others a request. I get paid by the website, the majority of what the search engine optimization company does is Heating & A/C pleased. I think all about furnaces, A/C & air quality. I had to learn about Heating & A/C in order to write pleased for it. I needed to learn what people want to see on google, and what do prospective Heating & A/C buyers need to think & are looking for? What keywords do I need to include so that the SEO analyst can link them & help them rank on google? It was time consuming up front however now I think our Heating & A/C. The SEO team is branching into cannabis now. With weed becoming legal recreationally, a lot of people are opening stores, and now the SEO company is about 40% cannabis pleased requests. I have needed to learn a whole modern range of topics. I need to think flower, oil, edibles, tinctures, topicals & smoking equipment. I need to learn the difference between medical weed & recreational weed. I have written about curbside pickup, cannabis delivery, dab bars & vape lounges now… Cannabis SEO is a lot more fun. The pleased is so odd from Heating & A/C. The world of weed is slowly changing as well. It is constantly nice to have something modern too. I undoubtedly like doing the cannabis pleased & I hope it keeps coming.

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