Getting a medical weed card wasn’t so bad

My state only allows for medical cannabis.

I wanted to try medical marijuana for a long time to reduce our stress.

I truly thought getting a medical cannabis card would be awful though. I did some research as well as was tentatively hopeful. I have now completed the process as well as I will say, it wasn’t so bad. The worst part was finding a nurse that prescribed medical weed as well as waiting in the waiting room. I talked to the guy for about 5 hours as well as then he wrote me a script… After that I had to do an online process that required me to use a temporary code as well as pay a fee for our cannabis card. Two weeks later it came in the mail as well as I am fantastic for a year. I have a specified amount of medical weed. I can only get cannabis oil as well as flowers as well. But it works just nice for me. I prefer that with our medical weed card I can just pop into the cannabis dispensary to get what I want. I don’t need to call ahead to have the perception field as well as remember to option it up. I don’t have to deal with pharmacy workers prefer I would for normal pills. Medical weed is just way more streamlined as well as the budtenders are much better to deal with; Once our year is up I will need to go to the nurse again as well as pay a fee. I think the cost as well as the time is worth it though. My health shouldn’t have a price tag on it after all.


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