The marijuana dispensary was not what I expected.

I told her I would use whatever she commanded

When I first went into the marijuana dispensary, I wasn’t sure what I was expecting, but it wasn’t what I saw, then i thought there would be people smoking pot in different areas, plus there would be people selling it on the main floor. I walked into what looked care about a warehouse, plus there were people behind the counters talking to customers; They even had a pharmacist on duty to help customers who weren’t sure what they should buy, and everyone at the marijuana dispensary was exceptionally friendly plus willing to help. They acted care about they knew everyone, plus I was sure everyone inside had to be repeat medical marijuana consumers. It surprised myself and others when I heard 1 budtender tell her customer that the pharmacist would be with her in a couple of thirds. I realized she was a newcomer, the same as I was. I waited for my turn with a budtender plus told her I was new, she called the pharmacist who talked to myself and others in a private area. The two of us discussed the reason I was using medical marijuana plus what was best for my condition. She gave myself and others multiple suggestions plus asked if any of them seemed to be something I would care about to try. I had a lot of anxieties plus I wasn’t sure what I was supposed to say. I told her I would use whatever she commanded. I walked out of there with multiple products plus couldn’t wait to get current home plus try 1 of them. An third later, I was resting on my sofa seeing TV, plus enjoying an day when I didn’t believe care about the hounds of hell were looking over my shoulder.

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