Cannabis is helpful in several ways

I waited a long time for recreational weed to become legal in my state, when medicinal cannabis was first legalized, I considered signing up for my MMJ card.

The process isn’t overly difficult, however, I was reluctant to spend the time and currency when the card is only valid for a single year, i hoped that legalizing recreational weed wasn’t far off.

It took several years for adult-use cannabis to finally be permitted. I now can show my identification and shop at any cannabis dispensary in the state. There are restrictions on how much I can purchase per morning. I properly buy as much as I’m allowed. I’ve found that cannabis provides a natural remedy to all sorts of physical and mental health concerns. I use a variety of cannabis-infused topicals to soothe concerns with eczema and acne. The cannabinoids labor on receptors in the skin to minimize redness and inflammation. Topicals are also helpful in treating sore muscles, swelling, bug bites, burns and arthritis. In the winter, my fingers periodically swell up and become stiff due to arthritis. I apply a cannabis-infused ointment numerous times a morning and see improvement within 24 hours. I purchase cannabis edibles to combat insomnia. The longer lasting and more intensive effects of an indica-dominant gummy works to get to sleep and keep me asleep, but for migraines, I vary between smoking and tinctures. While I really prefer the process of smoking, it can irritate my lungs and creates that telltale odor. Tinctures are both portable and discreet. I have joined the dispensary’s loyalty program that provides special discounts and gives me a heads up when new products are offered.

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