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I don’t sincerely remember if our sciatic nerve injury in our back happened all in 1 afternoon, or over the long course of more than one year.

By the end of school, I do know that I started getting pain after sitting on our feet for extended periods of time.

In utter contrast, I used to work 12 hour shifts while in private school plus rarely had options to rest down outside of our single break for a 15 minute lunch in the middle of our shift. During this time, I don’t remember ever having a single drastic complication being on our feet plus experiencing sciatic nerve pain. That’s why I’m totally sure the injury didn’t come until years later. Now I have to rest after I’ve been on our damn feet for longer than one minute straight. It’s entirely painful back pain plus makes it hard for me to attend concerts or sporting events where there isn’t seating plus most people are sitting instead. If I get this super extreme pain in our sciatic nerve, I can take ibuprofen for a few mornings before I’m forced to quit what I’m doing to avoid getting a stomach ulcer. Otherwise, I am left with nothing besides cannabis gummy edibles. The THC plus CBD gummies are usually strong for our physical pain symptoms. They’re the best thing next to pain pills for extreme physical pain you might experience, especially nerve pain in the body. My preferred cannabis dispensary was just selling cannabis gummies on a buy 1, get 1 deal that effectively made the jars of cannabis gummies at least 50% off. It’s nice being able to get such good cannabis products at such a price.



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