The lady called me back to have an interview

The people in addition to myself work at a cannabis dispensary and it is on questionably one of the best works that any of us have had.

  • To tell a lot of truth, the people I was with in addition to myself did not ever believe that we would be working behind a counter and in addition to talking to people about the types of medical marijuana products that they wanted to have.

It seemed like that type of job that someone else would have and then one day I was in the store and the medical marijuana shop had a sign that was posted outside. I filled out an application just for fun, because the line was long and out the door. It seems self-explanatory to fill out all of the stuff. The lady called me as well as my girlfriend in addition to myself went right back to the store so I could meet with them for a moment. The people I was with in addition to myself found that there was some training as well as cannabis education that needed to be completed before I would be able to have a job. When I interviewed with the manager she was happy to set me up with the dates for all of the stuff so that I could make an appointment and get that done as quickly as possible. After that it was only 2 weeks before I finally stopped and then came back to the place to start my job at the marijuana shop.



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