I was on board with trying medical weed

My hubby was dealing with some chronic pain problems.

I think a lot of it was due to overdoing it and getting into a lifestyle that was too difficult for him to keep up with.

There were other military members that were just fine but my hubby was having a hard time and it became a difficult issue for the two of us to discuss. The two of us looked care about the two of us were dealing with issues like this and then there were many problems that we could not solve at all. It became difficult for all of us to get to a place where we could make things better. When medical marijuana became something that we could use, the two of us thought that it was going to be a good idea for us to go to the dispensary. There were some easier ways that we could have done things, but the dispensary was one thing that worked out great. When the people I was with in addition to myself found a product that my husband could enjoy, we bought as much as possible. We absolutely wanted to be certain that we were getting everything that we needed at the time. I was absolutely ready and unquestionably on board for the idea of getting away from some of the heavier narcotics and then going with a different type of marijuana that might be able to help me with the problems that I was having. It was definitely worth a try to use medical marijuana to help as much as possible.
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