We both enjoyed some quality cannabis together

I was not actually sure how it would go when I was contacted by my first real bestie after approximately 30 years.

A trip to the cannabis shop before I met with her and after things were splendid, my seasoned bestie was absolutely someone I have known almost all my life.

When we were little we went to the same elementary school and we are pretty good friends… We went to the same high school as well but ran in sort of different circles. We were both a bit straight-laced and had not tried any sort of recreational marijuana, however then we went to school. Without legitimately having discussed it, we ended up at the same school. And that was where we fell in love. It’s actually funny how we met at that one party. We saw each other across the room and both felt something pretty immediate. I heard her voice first as she was attempting to save somebody from ruining pot brownies. I had no idea whatsoever that she even had any knowledge about marijuana, so recently, when she told me she was out in my section and would like to meet up for supper I agreed. We were single so it seemed like a satisfactory thing to do to be honest. I was distraught so I stopped by the local cannabis spot for an edible. I am so thrilled that I did because my seasoned bestie still enjoyed recreational marijuana. This led to us sharing that edible and having a pretty fantastic supper. And afterward, we enjoyed the best walk and talk we may have ever had.

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