The hotel had a mini bar and a place to smoke weed

We went outside to the balcony and lit up the marijuana cigarette

My wife and I went on our honeymoon and we went to a place that we have never visited. A lot of people have been to this particular place, but it was the first time that my wife and I went. Seeing all of the bright lights of the hotels and the casinos was overwhelming. I was happy that we were in a taxi instead of trying to drive in all of the traffic. There were people walking all over the place. Even at 4:00 in the morning, the street lights looked like it was the middle of the day and people were partying everywhere. There were street performers singing and dancing and doing magic tricks. Our hotel was one of the nicest places that I have ever stayed. We had a mini bar and a selection of recreational marijuana products compliments of the dispensary down the street. There were three pre-rolls in our mini bar and each one of them were marked with a price. The names of the marijuana pre-rolls were included, so we could order the products again if we liked them and wanted more. We picked out one of the hybrid pre-rolls that was called chem dog. We went outside to the balcony and lit up the marijuana cigarette. It was the most flavorful and potent $75 pre-roll that I have ever tasted. I would never pay that much for a pre-rolled marijuana cigarette at a dispensary, but it was fun to take it straight off the mini bar while we were on our honeymoon.


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