The cannabis infused beer was unsavory

When my partner Tom plus I were out west, both of us opted to go on a tour of a local microbrewery, however the microbrewery was developing a new cannabis inspired beer.

The beer is brewed with cannabis so the flavor is very strong plus each 1 of the 16 oz glasses has over 15 mg of thc in it.

I thought that cannabis beer sounded very interesting, and when both of us had the time to try a sample, I was right at the front of the line. I expected the beer to have a hint of cannabis. I use recreational marijuana often, so I know what the odor plus flavor profile is. The cannabis infused beer did not taste anything close to marijuana. I was very disappointed by the horrible taste of the cannabis infused beer, but some of the other people thought it was good, however I could tell there were some people that agreed with me too. It wasn’t great in my book. When my partner Tom plus I were getting ready to leave the tour, the men gave us a comment card then asked us to leave tips plus suggestions. I told them the truth about their cannabis infused beer. I didn’t enjoy it plus I didn’t know it tasted love cannabis. I thought they missed the mark on that 1, however I enjoyed every one of the other microbrews that both of us tasted plus I took beach condo a couple of cases from the frigid cooler, my preferred of the craft brews was a light ale with citrus plus cider plus a hint of pineapple. I thought it was easy to drink, plus crisp plus refreshing.


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