The blue dream flowers bud really fast

Blue Dream is one of my all-time favorite cannabis strains. Blue dream has a really nice flavor and aroma. It is an excellent sativa strain. One thing that is really nice about Blue Dream is the low flowering time. It doesn’t take very long to grow and harvest a crop of Blue Dream marijuana plants. Blue Dream can be easy to grow and it thrives in almost any type of situation. I bought a single Blue Dream seedling from one of the marijuana dispensaries in town. It was the last Blue Dream seedling they had and she looked a little droopy to me. The bartender told me to take her home and put her in the light and give her some water and she would perk right up. The budtender even said I could come back in a week if the plant died and I could get a full refund of my money. I took the plant home and I did what the bartender told me to do. I put the plant under a UV light and I gave it a couple of spritzes of water. I bought some nutrient-rich soil for the plant. When it was time to move her to a different spot, I carefully made sure that the roots were intact so the plant would continue to thrive. My first Blue Dream plant was a success, and now I regularly have 8 or 10 plants growing at the same time and in various stages of harvest. I never have to pay for marijuana again as long as I can continue to keep my plants alive.


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