Part-time work at the dispensary

My friend Tom plus I went to small college in a small city in the middle of nowhere.

All of us had just a few people in all of our classes.

My school class was greater than my college class. It was rewarding to go to such a small school plus there were a lot of perks. I didn’t have to battle a bunch of cars for parking spaces plus I didn’t have to worry about finding a locale to live because all of the off campus apartments were filled. I found an apartment on campus that was only $600 per month plus which included Heat plus electricity. The best part about the apartment was the fact that it was only a couple of blocks from a recreational marijuana dispensary. I got a part-time job there, and worked at the recreational marijuana dispensary. I worked as a bartender 20 hours every other week. The job paid minimum wage because I didn’t have any qualifications. After 6 months I got a juicy raise because I had l received everything about marijuana sales plus the numerous products in the store. One of the best products available in the dispensary was cannabis brownies. I used to buy cannabis brownies for my friends at a discounted rate plus then I would sell them to Tom for a small markup. I made a couple of bucks on every Brownie plus Tom saved cash because they didn’t have to go to the dispensary plus pay full price for the pot brownies. I didn’t make much cash, however I wasn’t trying to get rich off Tom.
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