My new roommate smokes marijuana and I like it too

I have been thinking about trying recreational marijuana. I moved into a new apartment a couple of months ago and my roommate smokes marijuana. I’ve never tried it in the past, even though I’ve had a lot of different opportunities. I’m not afraid of marijuana, but I’ve always been afraid that I won’t be able to handle the side effects. I’ve seen lots of movies and television shows and all of those people looked like they were going to die when they were high on marijuana. My roommate did not look like that when he smoked weed. He seemed to be happy and jovial like a guy that had a couple of beers or a glass of wine. I began to wonder if all of the television shows and rumors were actually true. One night when I did not have to work, I sat down with my roommate and we smoked a bowl of marijuana together. He told me to take it easy and not to take big puffs so I would not cough a lot. He also told me to drink plenty of water so my mouth was not dry. We smoked a hybrid strain called Girl Scout cookies. The Girl Scout Cookies strain was flavorful and very pungent. Our entire apartment smelled like marijuana after we smoked in the living area. My roommate usually smokes in his bedroom and he has an air purifier. The smell stayed in our apartment for hours after the two of us finished smoking the Girl Scout cookies marijuana strain. I enjoyed the way that the marijuana product made me feel and I would probably smoke again.


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