My child came back to the beachside condo with a weed roach in her backpack

I have been taking my daughter Jen to the same afternoon care for the past year.

I have never had any complications with the care that Jen has received until this week. Jen came into my beachside condo with a roach in her backpack. It wouldn’t even be a large deal if it was a bug, however it was the marijuana kind of roach plus I know that the roach did not come from my condo or Jen. As soon as I found the marijuana product in her bag, I asked Jen if she knew how it got into the bag. My daughter did not have an answer for me. Jen looked scared, however I do not know that she knew how the marijuana joint wound up in her backpack. I contacted the child care the next afternoon. I did not want to SMS the manager plus the locale was already closed for the day when I found the marijuana product in her bag. The next afternoon I called as soon as the locale was open for business again. I demanded an answer plus I wanted to talk directly to the child care manager. The manager set an appointment for me to come into the office. She promised that it was a serious issue that she would get to the bottom of plus she swore that she had no clue how the marijuana product ended up in my child’s backpack. I was supposed to take Jen back to the same afternoon care the next afternoon, however I thought it was a better idea to take the afternoon off from my job so I could find a new locale for Jen to spend the afternoon.


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