Making a trip out of getting cannabis products

Being able to buy cannabis products is a game changer for us because we don’t have to worry about the THC content or who we’re buying it from.

  • However, it’s still not as easy as just walking down the street to get some nice sativa strains from the local cannabis spot.

We have to travel to get the cannabis products that we enjoy. But it’s no big deal really. We go about once every couple of months and just make a weekend out of it. It would be nice if our state allowed recreational marijuana or even medical marijuana. But it doesn’t. And I’m not sure if it will ever pass. I think I’m just trying not to get my hopes up. Still, being able to go to the state next door and walk into a cannabis dispensary makes up for it a bit. The drive is only about 3 hours. However, we like to go a little bit further in order to get to the one cannabis dispensary that we really like. Normally, we rent a hotel room and make reservations for a nice dinner for these trips. But for sure the name of the game is shopping for marijuana for sale. Perhaps someday recreational marijuana will be legal in our state. But until then it’s not too bad to be able to drive 3 hours, have a great weekend and enjoy the cannabis products we came to get. It sure beats getting a bag of marijuana from someone we don’t know and just taking whatever we get.


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