I stepped outside to smoke a joint

It used to be fun to spend time with my family, but now it feels more like a chore.

We used to get along and have lots of things in common, but now we seem to fight more than we talk.

I want to visit my brother and my sister last month. My wife and I stayed with my sister. My brother got upset because we didn’t stay with him and my mom was mad because we didn’t stay with her. It is impossible to please everyone and I would honestly prefer to sleep in a hotel. Then I can leave the family and the drama when I want and I don’t have to stay up late. Unfortunately, my family would have a fit if I chose to stay in a hotel instead of staying with one of them. It’s just easier to succumb to their wishes than to fight with them about it. I’ve been using medical marijuana for the past 3 months. When I stayed with my sister last month, I told her that I was using medical marijuana. She told me it would be fine as long as I went outside to smoke. I planned to go outside anyway, because I think that it is better to smoke outside than indoors. My wife and I arrived in the early afternoon hours. I saw and talked to my sister for a while and then I said that I wanted to go outside for a little while. When my sister came outside to find me, she acted horrified when she smelled marijuana. I told her that I was a grown up and that led to a huge fight and me leaving in the middle of the night.


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