I smoked the whole time we drove down south

My friend smoked marijuana too.

My best friend got into a fight with his baby mama and he wanted to drive down south to talk to her. She lives about 6 hours away from us. I honestly think it is a good thing that she lives that far away, because it keeps the two of them from constantly fighting about issues that they will never fix. I have told my friend a million times that he has to let go of their relationship, but he is still hurting and angry. I agreed to drive down south with him as long as I could sit in the passenger seat and smoke marijuana the whole time. I grabbed a half ounce of marijuana on the way out of town from a dispensary that always has good prices on halves and full ounces. The dispensary has half ounces for $49 and the buds are super thick with lots of trichomes. Some of the better strains have 30% THC or higher. Those strains are $99 for a half ounce, but that is still an amazingly good deal. I rolled joints from the half ounce as soon as we left our hometown. I kept rolling joints and smoking them throughout the whole drive. My friend smoked marijuana too. It was the only way he could feel more calm and relaxed. I knew he was upset and he probably should not have been driving down there. All they do is argue when they get together. The best thing I could do was go along and make sure that things went smoothly.


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