I like to get high plus go surfing

For the first years of my life, I lived in the middle of the nation, so I was not near any large bodies of water. All of us had a local river plus a couple of creeks, however I didn’t see the ocean until I was over 30 years old. I met a beautiful girl who lived on the west coast. All of us dated online for 6 months plus then I decided to transfer all the way across the country to be with her. The West Coast was a lot more strange than anything that I knew in the past. It really took some time to adjust. I was taught how to surf by some friends that I met at work. I still adore going surfing however I have lived here for close to 10 years now. I very do not get out to the beach as often as I wish I did. When I have the pick to go to the shore for a few hours, I take my surfboard plus marijuana, recreational marijuana makes me very relaxed plus feel more creative. I usually smoke a sativa strain such as yellow dream or Jack Herer before I go to the beach. I do not want to smoke an indica, because it makes me tired plus lazy. Sativa strains love super silver haze plus Maui Wowie are a few of the best 1s in this area, however last Monday was the perfect afternoon to go to the beach plus do a little surfing. I called my neighbor Jackson plus he met me near the pier at 7:00 in the afternoon. All of us were ready to hit the surf when the sun started coming up. All of us enjoyed a recreational marijuana joint plus spent the next couple of hours catching wave after wave. There was a seven foot surf that afternoon.


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