I like ordering online and having my weed delivered

I’ve only had one problem in the past 6 months.

It’s nice to be able to order marijuana online and have it delivered right to my front door. It is a brand new concept to me. I grew up down south and medical marijuana was only recently legalized. I took a job out west where marijuana has been legal for recreational and medical purposes for the last 10 years. Everyone’s attitude about marijuana is much different here than it was in the place where I grew up. People seem to be generally carefree about marijuana use. Even the police officers tend to look the other way when someone is smoking marijuana unless they are being obnoxious or a nuisance. There were no marijuana delivery services in the South, but almost every dispensary around here offers some type of online ordering or delivery services. I regularly order online and have all of my marijuana products delivered right to the front door. The delivery drivers are prompt and fast and they don’t often forget any of the products in my order. I feel like the orders are double checked before they even leave the store. I’ve only had one problem in the past 6 months. I ordered 2 grams of Blue Dream concentrate, but I was delivered a gram of blue dream and a gram of Maui wowie. I contacted the store and they informed me that they were totally out of blue dream. They offered to refund my money, but I wasn’t unhappy about the Maui Wowie strain. I just wanted to know why I didn’t get exactly what I ordered.

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