Getting the old buddies back together over some great cannabis products

I’m still checking out all the leftover cannabis products from the long weekend I just hosted at my household.

A group of old friends came for a visit not too long after we decided it would be fun to have a celebration.

Social media really has allowed numerous people from my past to be in my life again. The group that I am talking about were people I went to college with. There were quite a few of us plus we stayed pretty close all the way through college, and it had a lot to do with the fact that we were studying the same thing. It also helped that we all loved recreational marijuana. Out of all of us there are still six plus we are now in our sixties. I was the first one to retire plus ended up moving to a particular place where recreational marijuana is legal. Of course that became the draw for getting the rest of us back together. That group easily suggested that we gather at my place since I had the room plus access to cannabis products. We ended up going to the local cannabis spot various times. It was such a fun trip, however, all of my friends had to go back to areas where there is no recreational marijuana in the least. That meant they left all the cannabis products they purchased here with me. I suppose their eyes were a bit larger than their stomachs when it came to all the sativa plus indica products I’ve gathered inside my household.


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