A massive, giant man came to my dispensary this afternoon

I sort of enjoy my job working at the local marijuana dispensary, however most mornings are pretty boring. I do the same thing afternoon after afternoon. It’s always the same folks who come to the weed shop! Other than the occasional rep from a supplier every once in a while, I usually see the same faces every week. I felt unquestionably shocked plus surprised by a guy that came into the dispensary today for the very 1st time. The guy must have been at least 7 ft tall. One of the security guards asked this guy how tall he was, however I could not hear the answer because I was in the back of the shop. The guy was taller than any of the other people by at least a foot, then he was very skinny plus scrawny. He didn’t look love he was athletic enough for sports. The guy was a first time marijuana patient; Kathy sat down with him for a few minutes plus they discussed all of the weird marijuana supplies plus how each 1 can be beneficial to the body. The tall guy bought some edibles plus some cannabis oil. After he left the store, I got his name from his receipt on the order plus I looked him up on the internet. I thought the guy had to be someone locally famous, and you cannot be 7 ft tall plus have no other skills. I searched all over for the tall guy plus I could not find any information at all. The guy was love a ghost in the machine. He didn’t seem to exist at all, however both of us saw him in the marijuana dispensary today.

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