The security guard looked exactly like my brother

I’ve had lots of instances where I see someone and I think they remind me of another person.

Some people just have a familiar face.

Some people have the same wavy or curly hair that makes them look the same. Some folks have the same shape of face or body and that’s why they look familiar. Last weekend, when I was at the marijuana shop, I ran into someone that looks exactly like my brother. I honestly thought it was my brother from the other side of the room. When the guy walked into the dispensary. I yelled out to my brother and called his name. I yelled Brian three times and he didn’t answer. I was getting concerned and frustrated until the guy got closer. That’s when I saw pierced ears on the guy and I know that my brother does not have his ears pierced. I immediately stopped yelling my brother’s name and I went back to looking at the display of edibles. I felt like a tool for yelling out my brother’s name in the middle of the store and I felt even more silly that it wasn’t my brother at all. It was a case of mistaken identity. I really think my brother must have a doppelganger. I tried not to stare at the guy while I made the rest of my marijuana shop purchase. I tried to look at all of his features. It was so weird how much he looked like my brother and it made me feel very creeped out. The guy could easily pass for his twin.

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