Do I really need a prescription for medical marijuana?

Someone was telling me you had to get a prescription for medical marijuana.

This didn’t sound right because I remembered reading an article when the state was first talking about legalizing medical marijuana.

You had to have a physical by a physician who was state qualified to prescribe medical marijuana. He would send the information into the state, who would give you medical marijuana qualification. Once you paid the state, they sent the medical marijuana card. There wasn’t a prescription that said what kind of marijuana you could use, but everything was notated at the marijuana dispensary. When my friend mentioned she needed a prescription, I remembered reading that article. I told her it wasn’t a prescription like you would get from the doctor and take the pharmacy. The prescription was the doctor saying you were medically qualified for medical marijuana. Once you got your medical marijuana ID card, the pharmacist at the dispensary would look at the reason you had your medical marijuana ID card. They would recommend some products that could help, but you could pick what you wanted. She asked me how I was so learned in medical marijuana. I was helping my mom get medical marijuana to help with the nausea that went with chemo. I told her I read the article, so I knew what we had to do. It was useful to know the laws and regulations that apply to medical marijuana, and I was going to put that knowledge to use for my mom and my friend. More people would use medical marijuana if I had my way.

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