After smoking the pre roll, I was ready for a nap

My friends and I love to play video games and go to comicon.

We all get dressed up like our favorite characters and pretend to be them for the day.

We have a lot of fun together. My friends came over to the apartment a couple of days ago. They wanted to play video games all afternoon. I just got the new edition of the game that all of us like to play and I thought it would be fun to spend the afternoon discovering all of the characters and maps. Jack brought a couple of pre-rolled marijuana joints to my apartment. He got one of the pre-rolled marijuana joints so we could smoke it before we started playing games. Everyone went outside on the patio. I don’t like the smell of marijuana smoke in the house. I don’t even vape in my place. The pre-roll was an indica strain called Grand Daddy purp. I took a couple of big hits from the pre-rolled joint. Each one of my friends and I took turns smoking from the joint. I felt the effects from the indica strain immediately. My eyes started to feel heavy and my body became very relaxed. After smoking the pre-roll, I was ready for a nap. I let everyone else have a turn at the game while I relaxed in the Lazy Boy. I had to get up and grab an energy drink to shake the feeling from the indica pre-roll. I drank a large coffee and a Red Bull and then I was ready to play video games with my friends. We spent the entire afternoon playing the first player shooter game.

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