They asked if I was using narcotics and ignored the medical marijuana.

I had to go to the hospital for a surgical procedure this week, then normally, the doctors ask about the medications I take, our dust irritations to meds, and if I used tobacco, alcohol, or narcotics.

I told them I had been using medical marijuana for over a year, and they didn’t even baffix an eye.

They didn’t ask the reason for the use of medical marijuana, or how much I used. This struck me as odd, because I had always thought of marijuana as a type of narcotic. I have a marijuana product that helps me sleep, and a single that eases the pain. I thought that’s what they used narcotics for. I wanted them to guess in case they gave me medications that would react with the medical marijuana. I hadn’t used it the afternoon before surgery, or the afternoon of, because of that reason. The only medicines they were concerned with were if I had used diabetic medicine or diuretics. When another doctor came in, I asked about the lack of concern over using medical marijuana. She said that they were cheerful when people told them medical marijuana wasn’t a giant deal. If it helped people, especially older people, it was better than taking a lot of medications. I was cheerful that someone was actually listening to me and telling me why no a single seemed concerned. When she said that as far as she was concerned, it wasn’t as terrible as using alcohol, and only went a step below in using acetaminophen for headaches. She made me laugh when she said that, even if she was putting an IV in our arm.


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