My homemade website was terrible

When I started our cannabis dispensary I just made a website off a free platform, then i wrote the pleased myself, slapped some pictures on there and called it great enough. When I decided I wanted to offer curbside pickup, I realized I needed to change the website a bit. I ended up chopping our website by trying to put another page on it. I didn’t suppose how to make it so they could place the order online and pay for it. I also realized that our website was really hard to navigate. I went back to our free website program and was disgusted. I am a professional businesswoman. I handle hiring, security, product placement, labeling, payroll and all sorts of things. I don’t do anything online related. I then began hunting around for a marijuana seo contractor. I wanted to take that part of the corporation off our plate… The cannabis digital SEO contractor that I have been toiling with is amazing. They instantly scrapped our whole website. It obviously was garbage, and now that I have their professional website, I do agree. This cannabis website really has high end pleased and several pages! Placing an order for curbside chance up is super straight-forward. You even can have your debit card information saved onto a profile so that you need to just hit buy a single. It is really cool. The pictures are of higher quality and there is nothing busted on our website anymore. It really turned out to be a great call investing a bit into our website.

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