Medical marijuana is not an end all, be all cure, but it helps.

My doctor thought we had our depression under control, but it became obvious it wasn’t! He wanted to up the dose of antidepressants I was taking plus add another medicine, but i wasn’t feeling well about what I was already taking, despite the fact that I knew I had to do something.

I talked to a neighbor who was in holistic health plus asked her what she thought.

She told me she knew a doctor who would help me get a medical marijuana ID card. She told me medical marijuana was not an end all, be all cure for depression, but it helps… Before I went on more medication, I thought I should try medical marijuana plus asked her to make an appointment with the doctor for me. I also wanted her to go with me for moral support. The doctor asked a lot of questions, did a cursory exam, plus looked at the medications I was already taking. He sent the report into the state plus told me he thought I was an excellent candidate for medical marijuana. He said I was in charge of whether I should take more medication, although he would wait plus try medical marijuana first. Two weeks later, I had our medical marijuana ID card in hand plus was heading to the marijuana dispensary. I wasn’t sure what to expect, but it wasn’t what I saw. The dispensary looked savor a small, friendly warehouse, plus they had a pharmacist on duty; After showing me weird products that could help with depression, I bought one plus took it home; For the first time in weeks, I felt I was controlling the depression, plus it wasn’t controlling me.

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