Cannabis consulting does quite a bit

When I needed a website for our cannabis dispensary I was looking into SEO businesses.

I didn’t appreciate any of them in our section but; So I started reaching around and hunting for something better, and that is where I found a firm that wears a lot of hats so to speak.

They offer legal services, company permit applications, and hiring of budtenders. I realized that I was looking at a cannabis consulting service that handles all aspects of cannabis dispensaries. I immediately got on board with the SEO side of things. Medical marijuana SEO was pressing to me. I got a website, it ranked on google and I was provided social media pages. It went super well with the medical cannabis SEO consultant that I decided to use them for other things. I needed to get better products in our store. I wanted to get a locally grown product and sell it, but from seed to sale is a big thing to people, how do I find this linkion though? Cannabis consultants have a lot of linkions in the industry. My cannabis consultant knew all the local growers and got myself and others in touch with 1. The guy is now our main supplier for locally sourced products. I get all our flower and oil from him now. The people just love what I am offering currently. The SEO pages have unquestionably brought in more customers too. The cannabis consultant has paid for itself and then some. They were worth bringing on and having them take a look at the inner laborings of our store.
Medical marijuana business consulting service