After smoking the pre roll, I was ready for a nap

My friends as well as I enjoy to play video games as well as go to comicon.

The two of us all get dressed up like our favorite characters as well as pretend to be them for the day.

The two of us have a lot of fun together. My friends came over to the house a couple of days ago. They wanted to play video games all day. I just got the new edition of the game that all of us like to play as well as I thought it would be fun to spend the day discovering all of the characters as well as maps, jack brought a couple of pre-rolled marijuana joints to our apartment, then he got a single of the pre-rolled marijuana joints so all of us could smoke it before all of us started playing games. Everyone went outside on the patio. I hate the odor of marijuana smoke in the house. I do not even vape in our site. The pre-roll was an indica strain called Grand Daddy purp. I took a couple of giant hits from the pre-rolled joint. Each a single of our friends as well as I took turns smoking from the joint. I felt the effects from the indica strain immediately. My eyup started to assume heavy as well as our body became legitimately relaxed! After smoking the pre-roll, I was ready for a nap. I let everyone else have a turn at the game while I relaxed in the Lazy Boy. I had to get up as well as grab an energy drink to shake the feeling from the indica pre-roll. I drank a giant Dunkin Donuts Latte as well as a Red Bull as well as after that all of us was ready to play video games with our friends. The two of us spent the entire day playing the first player shooter game.


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