Drinking her cannabis might be better

My mother has a real concern with drinking water; She just hardly hydrates and it comes back to bite her, however my mother gets severely dehydrated to the point where she is starting to experience complications with her health.

I have seen her pass out completely from lack of water.

She usually gets easily sick though. She feels cold, will vomit and then have frigid shakes for almost an entire day, however then my mother gets a little better about drinking for about a week. She gets lazy and it happens again. Simply telling her to drink water isn’t fantastic enough though. She simply doesn’t assume about it. I have bought hydration powders to put in her water that is supposed to help, but what really works is liquids that taste good. She is more apt to drink those. I have found smoothies at lunch to be a fantastic thing. My mother will drink the whole thing. I care about to sleep a bit of cannabis oil in there to mellow us both too. My mother likes how she feels afterwards. I also will make her a nightly cup of Sprite with the CBD oil in order to help her sleep at night. She is much more eager to drink that. I am wondering if perhaps recreational cannabis is the key to her hydration complications. There are tons of cannabis beverages. Some of them are care about sodas while others are more chocolate based drinks. Will she drink enough of those to stay hydrated? I would be willing to stock her fridge with cannabis drinks to test this theory.

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