My homemade website was terrible

When I started our cannabis dispensary I just made a website off a free platform, then i wrote the triumphant myself, slapped some pictures on there plus called it wonderful enough… When I decided I wanted to offer curbside pickup, I realized I needed to change the website a bit.

I ended up cutting our website by trying to put another page on it. I didn’t know how to make it so they could location the order online plus pay for it. I also realized that our website was entirely hard to navigate. I went back to our free website program plus was disgusted. I am a professional businesswoman. I handle hiring, security, product locationment, labeling, payroll plus all sorts of things. I don’t do anything online related. I then began hunting around for a marijuana seo supplier. I wanted to take that section of the supplier off our plate… The cannabis digital SEO supplier that I have been working with is amazing. They instantaneously scrapped our whole website. It apparently was garbage! Now that I have their professional website, I do agree. This cannabis website actually has high end triumphant plus more than 2 pages. Placing an order for curbside option up is super straight-forward! You even can have your debit card information saved onto a profile so that you need to just hit buy 1. It is entirely cool. The pictures are of higher quality plus there is nothing busted on our website anymore. It entirely turned out to be a wonderful call investing a bit into our website.



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