There are vast differences between medical weed and CBD

Every one of us asked a medical professional if they could explain to us the difference between THC + cbd.

  • The medical doctor provided us with an odd look plus he wanted to think why I asked.

I told the doctor that CBD might be able to help me more than any prescription drug that I had taken in 20 years or more. I was ready to wean myself away from the drug however without it I was having a great amount of trouble walking. My legs are getting weaker plus I regularly find myself in pain. Every one of us tried to say that everyone of us wanted to get an opinion so we could have total comprehension on the difference between CBD and thc. Instead of an opinion, everyone of us had a lecture and the doctor was not happy that we would lower our medicine. I told the doctor that every one of us were getting dizzy at evening and it was impossible for us to move around but he completely ignored all of the things that I was saying. He was only interested in making sure that I wasn’t going to start using medical marijuana products. The doctor should have known very much that this was going to be helpful, but instead he decided to take it in the opposite direction. There was no way that any of us could wean ourselves off of those drugs. We weren’t ready to quit taking the medicine that the doctor provided, but we were going to try CBD to see if it helped too.


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