The shop is getting a fresh and new look

The pharmacy had a brand new owner and it seems that the head pharmacist decided to take over the business after the owner retired. Everyone of us were happy to see that the pharmacist decided to buy the pharmacy. It’s nice to have a new owner as well as a lot of new inventory. There have been quite a few personal items and one of these has been a whole counter dedicated to CBD and holistic products. It surprised everyone of us when we walk to the pharmacy plus all of the products. This was in fact a pleasant surprise. Many people speak about CBD plus legitimately have a medical card for marijuana. This means they can purchase CBD products anywhere including at the marijuana dispensary. Now that we have Safe products sold at the pharmacy, people are easily more in tune to purchase these products because the pharmacy is in a safe location. This Pharmacy serves all of the elderly population. There was an elderly woman in the store a few weeks ago plus she was trying to ask about the different types of CBD products that were available. It was cheerful for her to think that she could really get CBD to help an animal that was suffering from hip dysplasia. The CBD products would absolutely help very much for the dogs and there were even some CBD products that were made especially for pets. If she could get the products for the puppy and also get him to feel better than that would be great.

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