On game night, we ordered marijuana products

Every week on Wednesday nights, my friends and I get together for game night.

We have been getting together since we were in college.

Those of us that are still close, still play games on Wendesdays. Sometimes we play cards and sometimes we play board games. There is a group of six of us that get together to hang out. Each person in the group is in charge of bringing something different to the get together. Last week I was in charge of bringing recreational marijuana supplies. I forgot about the recreational marijuana supplies until I was at work. I found a marijuana delivery service that delivered to the area where I was working. I told the marijuana delivery service that I would meet them outside and downstairs at my vehicle. I told the driver to ring me when he was close so I could walk downstairs. I didn’t need the marijuana delivery service driver coming into the building to look for me. The delivery service driver contacted me as soon as he was close to the property. I met him outside and downstairs in my car. I gave the kid the money and a nice fat tip. I put the marijuana products in my car and went back to the office. The transaction was very quick and no one at work knew that I was doing a marijuana drug deal in the parking lot. When game night began, we had everything that we needed to have a good time including games, friends, alcohol, marijuana, and lots of yummy and delicious snacks.



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