All I needed to do was relax.

For the last three months, I was having a difficult time sleeping.

I couldn’t go to sleep because of everything that was on my mind.

I would lay there thinking and stray thought would go through my head. Once I got to sleep, I was waking up every half hour. I needed to get some sleep because I was nodding off while working. My boss was angry at me, and I wasn’t working up to par and angry at myself. I talked to my doctor, and the first thing he recommended was that I try a sleeping pill. Although the sleeping pill put me to sleep, I woke up the next morning out of sorts, and I didn’t fully wake until around noon. I felt like I was waling in a fog and unable to concentrate on anything. When the doctor asked me how the sleeping pills worked, I told him I felt worse with them than I did without them. He wanted to try another sleeping pill, but I said no. I had read that a marijuana product that was mostly CBD could help me relax. I was sure that if I could get my brain to relax, I would get some sleep. My doctor refused to answer on that one and said he did not affiliate with anyone who sold marijuana. Lucky for me, our state made it legal to purchase CBD products at smoke shops and dispensaries. I got my CBD products at the local pharmacy. After a couple of days, the CBD was allowing me to relax enough to get to sleep, and I only woke up twice. I woke up feeling better than I had in years.

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