Medical marijuana business marketing service is important.

Once I got my license to open a medical marijuana business, it was time to attract attention to it.

I wanted to do a coming soon campaign, and a grand opening campaign.

I wasn’t sure how much or what kind of advertising I could do. I contacted a medical marijuana business marketing service company. The medical marijuana business marketing service company gave me a laundry list of questions I had to answer. I couldn’t tell people the products I was selling, but I could mention it was a medical marijuana dispensary. They told me they would put ads on the local social media sites, and they would pinpoint the advertising venues that would benefit my medical marijuana business and make sure I had good coverage with my marijuana dispensary. The medical marijuana business marketing service asked about my company’s website. I didn’t think about a website, but I knew it was important. I had to let people know I offered pickup and delivery services if you were within two miles of the dispensary. I had to put my complete menu on the website so people could put in an order for pickup or delivery. They offered to create a website for me that would be informational, user friendly, and would represent who I was and what my business motto was. I didn’t know I had a business motto, but I guessed the medical marijuana business marketing service was going to give me one. I hoped they created a website that was as creative as the person I was talking to, because he easily talked me into working with him.

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