Designing the website was problematic in many ways

I talked to a lot of different people and the people I was with plus myself we’re told basically the same thing by everyone.

We needed an excellent website in order to attract the best attention to our brand new shop. The marijuana shop had to offer many different types of ordering including online and delivery. It was necessary for the website to attract a lot of attention and it was also important for it to be absolutely straightforward in every single way. The people I was with plus myself knew that elderly people would be there to pick up some products from the different cannabis shops. The website had to be easy for some of these people to navigate. Many of the website problems would be due to multiple design flaws. The people I was with plus myself came up with only a couple of different design problems. We diagnosed the issues with the marijuana dispensary and then had all of the names clicked. It only took a small amount of time in which to find a phone number for us to contact them. Within hours we were talking to the developer who was versed in many different types of website design for cannabis shops and then the two of us knew we were headed in the right direction. The person created a website that helped me with social media ads and then placed those advertisements on Google and some other websites. He helped to talk with me about marijuana dispensaries like owning them or knowing about them directly.



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