Blue dream is an excellent sativa

Blue Dream is one of my absolute favorite sativas. It has a great flavor and taste and the smell is pretty nice too. Blue dream is a sativa dominant strain. Some people would consider blue dream to be a hybrid, but the amount of sativa in the plant makes it a sativa strain in my opinion. Blue dream is a great place for anyone to start. It has a great blueberry fragrance and pretty colors on the buds of the plant. Blue dream has terpenes like linalool, limonene, and Alpha humulene. Blue Dream is a mix of blueberry and haze. It also has a small amount of OG Kush in its lineage. Blue Dream is perfect for someone that wants to be creative and energetic while still having the energy to get things done during the day. It’s not best for use during the evening hours when the user might want to go to sleep. Blue dream has some side effects that might include dry eyes and cottonmouth, but a nice cold drink of water and some Visine will take care of that in a hurry. Every morning I prefer to smoke a joint of blue dream. I buy blue dream and bulk and I keep the product stocked up in my apartment. I roll up seven or eight joints at a time. When my stash is running low, I roll up some more. Running out of my favorite weed is not an option. There is literally no reason to run out when you live in a state with recreational marijuana dispensaries around every corner.

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