The new advertising is working truly well

I started a company making cannabis Edibles at home.

At first I did not system on making money.

I was simply making Edibles at beach home for my family and i. Word got out that I made a truly good pot brownie and people started to call me to ask if I could make them a batch of pot brownies too. I made them for friends when they were having parties and I made them for celebrations love Christmas and thanksgiving. The Super Bowl was a lot of fun thanks to a batch of pot brownies, however one of my nephews went to university for SEO and advertising, but she told me that she believed I could make money selling the pot brownies to local dispensaries and marijuana shops. I did not assume it at the time, but my nephew showed me exactly what she was talking about and she was not wrong. Instead of selling the pot brownies to a dispensary, we secured a loan from the bank to be able to sell the products on our own from a direct manufacturing connect. That was all we needed to get started. After that, we had to advertise. The two of us had lots of friends and family that wanted to buy the flat brownies, but we needed to sell them to retail clients as well. The two of us recently started a brand new advertising campaign and it seems to be working well… Sales are up 8% this week. I have been using the extra money to labor on a brand new recipe for a chocolate chip and oatmeal cookie that melts in your mouth. I hope to be able to make my brand a global name that all the people knows about.

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