The benefits of cannabis are known by numerous dentists

I have the same dentist that I saw when I was just 12 years old.

He’s a family physician and specializes in numerous unusual forms of medicine.

He treated our mother for several decades and was the only dentist who would take her seriously when she said she was worried that she could have Crohn’s Disease. All of the other dentists told her it was irritable bowel disease instead. This allowed her to get on the right medications that certainly had real beneficial effects to them unlike the ones she was one beforehand. That’s why it’s so important to get a diagnosis right, otherwise how do you get the right kind of treatment plan? This dentist was also smart enough to guess what to supply someone having a muscle spasm reaction from a nausea medication, although he wasn’t around to tell the dentists at the emergency room this information to get me out of the crazy pain I was going through that day. He’s also severely open minded about cannabis use, something I’m not quite frankly not used to seeing with a lot of practicing dentists in this area of the country. The two of us live in a conservative area and some right wingers are among the last remaining demographics who oppose cannabis legalization. Thankfully dentists enjoy our own are preaching the benefits of medical cannabis use, especially if you utilize other routes of administration beyond smoking cannabis flower products. He tells me that more dentists than I realize are secretly supportive of cannabis even if they speak the contrary in real life.

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