The store was fined for having too numerous people in the store

During the quarantine, the neighborhood was very serious about the amount of people you could have in your store or shop. The marijuana dispensary where I labor was fined a single time because there were too numerous people inside of the store. The two of us had counted about 12 people and both of us were allowed to have 15 at a time. When the guy showed up to check on us, both of us were more than three over the limit for the building and the inspector gave us a good and a warning. I thought they would provide us a single or the other, but they wanted the supplier to think that they were serious about the rules. Ever since the marijuana dispensary got the fine, they have been undoubtedly particular about following all of the covert precautions. The two of us are still following covert protocol even though most of the other places have lifted their stringent policies. The two of us still have an whole-house air purifier in the lobby and both of us still offer delivery and option up services. The two of us do offer in-store pickup, but both of us discourage our clients from hanging out in the lobby. The two of us try to get people in and out of the marijuana store as quickly as possible. Every fourth on the top of the fourth, a single of the employees has to clean and scrub all of the surfaces with a sanitizer solution. This includes all of the counters, chairs, benches, windows and plexiglass. Everyone in the store has on a mask and no a single is allowed to unaffix the mask for any reason. You can’t even unaffix your mask in the break room unless you are physically and actively taking a bite or drink of food. When the problems with the virus are over, I will be cheerful for things at the dispensary to go back to normal.


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