I saw my guitar instructor at our local cannabis dispensary the other day

I started playing the guitar at the age of 13, although I had to teach myself. While my parents barely scraped together enough currency to get myself and others a guitar in the first locale, paying for lessons on top of it was out of the question. I was constantly infuriated by this because I had friends who barely cared about guitar getting lessons at the local rock n roll store. Still, it gave myself and others a strong DIY ethos when it comes to the instrument. I purchased books on guitar and l earned as much as I could from other people along the way. I never gave up my love for the instrument even if I struggled to maintain a rehearsal and practice schedule while I was in my college years. When I finished college, I spent more currency on gear than I could have spent on lessons to get better at playing. I finally reached a point where I realized I wouldn’t entirely improve unless I started taking respected lessons while following the instructor’s instruction and exercises. After just 1 year of yearly lessons, I started to extremely improve at the guitar. My guitar instructor is a nice guy who isn’t very much older than I am. He grew up in a family of rock n rollians and was at special rock n roll camps while I was in his summers in middle college and high college. We even shop at the same cannabis dispensary. I was over at my local cannabis store buying marijuana edibles and cannabis flower products the other day when I saw my guitar instructor buying a few cannabis oil pens. We laughed and shared a few comments before we left the building. At least we’re both on the same page about marijuana!

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