My sister came to see me on Saturday

I was supposed to work on Saturday, although I decided to take the morning off so I could hang out with our sister! She was in neighborhood for a convention plus she did not have any classes or seminars on Saturday.

She had the whole morning to do anything that she wanted plus she decided to call me to see if I wanted to hang out. I had not seen our sister in about 6 weeks. All of us don’t live close to each other. She was in neighborhood for the convention plus only a few hours away from our apartment. I called our boss plus I told her that I was not going to be able to make it to work. She told me that there would only be various other marijuana delivery drivers that morning if I called in sick. I told the supervisor there was nothing I could do, but my stomach was angry plus I had bad diarrhea. I told her that I was experiencing sweats plus chills. If I came to work, possibilities are that I was going to be in the bathroom more than I was on the road making marijuana deliveries. My boss entirely tried to get me to come to work, although I wasn’t going to supply up a morning with our sister. All of us went to the museum plus the two of us opted to go to a baseball game. I did not guess about our task at the marijuana dispensary even once while the two of us were out for the morning. I loved our time with our sister plus thought about work after she went home.



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