Most medical cannabis doctors recommend vape products before smokable ones

I remember looking at a High Times magazine for the first time at the age of 18. At the time I was getting whatever weed our friends at college could find, which evolved as time went on. We’d meet more people outside our circle who would think others with fantastic drug connections, particularally cannabis. I remember one of the first “dealers” both of us met in the residence halls in the first month of our freshman year of college. That guy ended up becoming a close neighbor of mine and supplied us with all sorts of drugs at the time. I l gained that he got most of the weed from a giant metropolitan town in our state. Some of it was grown locally in grow houses while the rest was being shipped in from out west where weed was available legally at the time. Now that medical cannabis is legal in our state, I don’t have to worry about dealing with the black market ever again. The marijuana being sold at medical cannabis dispensaries is lab inspected as well, which removes any worries I might have about residual pesticides, mold, or worse. However, it wasn’t simple at first to get access to smokable cannabis flower products. Most of the marijuana doctors that I’ve met will recommend cannabis oil vape pens first, even though they’re often too potent for first-time users of marijuana. After a bit of arm twisting, I finally got our recommendation for cannabis flower products and I’m extremely cheerful with the selection at most medical marijuana dispensaries in a 20 mile radius.


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