A new cannabis dispensary opened up

A new cannabis dispensary just opened up near my new home Last week and I am so excited about it; I have been out of neighborhood for work for the past few weeks and so I just found out about it when I got home. I didn’t guess that they were laboring on the cannabis dispensary, so the whole thing was a nice surprise for me whenever I got back beach house from my supplier trip yeahterday! I don’t guess how I missed out on all of the buzz around here about the cannabis dispensary because evidently everyone else around neighborhood has been majorly excited about it! They even had a large grand opening celebration and there were tons of people around there. I like the fact that there is now a high tech, current cannabis dispensary literally just down the street from my house… All of us live in a little mountain community and it’s busy here all the time. All of us have a lot of income from tourists, and now that all of us are going to have a cannabis dispensary, it’s going to bring in even more dollars from tourists and locals alike. Before this one opened up, you had to drive an hour and a half across a winding road to get to the nearest cannabis dispensary. I recognize that’s why I am so excited about this site. I can’t wait to go over there and explore so that I can see everything that they have on the shelves! I like edibles and I heard that they are going to keep a lot of different ones in stock so I am ecstatic.
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