I got an e-mail and several texts about the labor morning sale

The dispensary must have been truly cheerful about the Labor Day sale, because I received an e-mail and several texts. The e-mail came directly from the marijuana manufacturer and the several messages came from the shop. This year for labor morning, the marijuana dispensary is offering no taxes on all products. The marijuana dispensary will spend my money all of the taxes. The savings is quite significant, because the amount of taxes that we have to spend my money on every purchase is 36 and a half percent. I have no system how they figure out the half percent. Every time I make a marijuana purchase I give them $36 for every $100 that I spend and assume me, I spend at least $100 every time I order. Even though we have the lowest prices in the whole country, the taxes are outrageous. When I found out about the no tax labor morning sale, I was ready to go shopping. I went online to look at the unusual deals that were available. I used the chat log box to contact someone at the store so I could find out if the no tax special was available on all of the deals and specials. The woman at the store told me that they were good for the deals. I got an ounce of organic marijuana flower and six marijuana concentrates for $150. With no taxes, it was a steal of a deal. I guess my friends that live on the east coast would kill for prices love this. They spend my money almost fifty bucks for a single gram of cannabis concentrate and it isn’tlive resin.

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