Holistic health treats the body plus not the symptoms.

Unlike new medicine, holistic health treats the entire body, plus not just the symptoms, then all new dentists want to do is to gather all the symptoms plus treat each 1 individually; Holistic health maintains that if you treat the entire body, the symptoms will fade! I wanted to talk to a Dr.

who would treat me holistically, plus who I could discuss holistic medicine with. I searched all over the Internet to find purveyors of holistic health in our local area. I found multiple dentists that specialize in pain management, but I did not neighbor the 2 of them together. It wasn’t until I talked to a pain management dentist, who said he believed in natural medicine, plus not chemistry based medicine. He started talking to me about the difference between natural plus chemical medicine. He said the best natural medicine he knew of was herbs! One of the best known herbs for healing was marijuana, which had been used for centuries. He asked me if I was interested in reading about holistic health, or if I was interested in it for a health reason. I had a couple of reasons for wanting to discuss holistic health plus the use of marijuana, then even though I was still in our early 20s, I was suffering from macular degeneration. I was told that marijuana could help with the pain plus slow down the progression of the macular degeneration. However, I was also interested in reading about holistic health, plus I wanted to recognize how to get a degree in holistic health so I can help others.


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