We could legalize weed for everyone

I recognize the double familiar at play much before cannabis was legalized.

This was before a party when I was not drinking or smoking anything at all. I regularly saw people that did with my parents as well as their friends. One thing that I learned about partying was that it is usually best for myself as well as others to be clear of boys. Alcohol consistently leads to fights as well as arguments. I have seen a number of people vomit as well as then pass out more than once. When my mom as well as her friends use cannabis there are none of these terrible things that are happening. They usually talk in addition to play games and laugh while smoking a cannabis cigarette. It seems much like a great deal of fun to me. It was perplexing to myself as well as others why people condemned cannabis while they were and still celebrating alcohol. Alcohol should definitely be banned and really not cannabis. When I turned old enough for my vote to count, I began to vote for the legalization of cannabis anytime I had the opportunity. Cannabis is 100% helpful to humanity and much better for the body than tobacco so the time has come to 100% legalized cannabis for all medical and recreational use. That would mean that we could finally start building on the products that we want the most, such as the large kitchen upstairs that could be remodeled and turned into a Chef style area. That would be very nice if you ask me.

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