The weekend flew by quickly because I was stoned the whole time

My best friend came to visit for the weekend.

I picked her up on Friday from the airport.

We had not seen each other in a couple of months. Both of us have been extremely busy with work and school. We both finished our bachelor’s degrees and then decided to get a job and work on our masters. We don’t have a lot of time to get together and chill out, so I was really looking forward to this weekend with my best friend. I had a couple of fun activities planned and I purchased recreational marijuana supplies so we could get high. Jackie and I often got high when we were in college. I didn’t know if she was still using recreational marijuana supplies, but I wanted to be prepared. As soon as I picked up Jackie from the airport, she asked if I had any marijuana in the car. I had a bowl, but it really didn’t have much weed in it and I left all of my marijuana at home. I told Jackie that we could stop at a dispensary on our way back to my apartment, but she said she would be fine waiting until we were there. We smoked a big bowl of OG Kush as soon as we got back to my place. We stayed stoned the whole entire weekend. In fact, the weekend flew by very quickly because we were stoned the whole time. I wasn’t ready for Jackie to go home at the end of the weekend. I wish she would have been able to stay for a few more days.


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